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Why Togetherness ?

Well, actually it's about you and the place we live, our planet.

To make a difference, to make the world a better place we need to get ourselves together first.

What needs "to get IT together"?

What is It? The feeling of separation, is the single most cause for pain and suffering. When we don't fully accept who we are, what we look like, how we feel there is separation. This illusion creates the beliefs that I am not good enough, parts of me are broken, I don't deserve this or that. Our Mind (including our conscious, subconscious, higher self, our ego), the body including the brain, and Spirit. Our mind, body and spirit needs to be in harmony, together operating as a single oneness without the loss of identity of any part. This is not a union or oneness but three different aspects of self. To get it all together we need to heal ourselves at all three levels.

The feeling of inferiority, competition separates us from others. Putting labels on people such as Gurus, Masters and Saints separate us from our own greatness and potential. "I couldn't possibly be as good as them".
I am you and you are me. This is the interpersonal togetherness (oneness). Everything I do to you and see in you, also happens to me and is in me.

The "I do not deserve", separates us from the oneness of creation, disempowers us from manifesting at ALL levels.

How do we know when we've got there?

Feelings and Emotions are the barometer of the level of Togetherness. When there is no feeling of separation or being alone, we experience the BEING and oneness, part of all that is.  When we experience Peace and Joy at all levels of our being. When we understand and are living our life purpose, everything flows effortlessly, We've got it all together!

How do I know if I'm on the right path?

A sense of Purpose, Passion, Excitement, Enthusiasm and Drive exists within. Nothing you do seems like work, there is synchronicity and things effortlessly fall into place, If you use these words or have these feelings regularly when you describe what you are doing it is likely you are on the right path.

How do I get on the right path?

Take a Passion test, Life coaching, by clearing blockages and limiting beliefs, Heal your self, Heal your life - Achieve your Dreams;
Mind growth: Affirmations, positive thinking.
Body growth: Balanced nutrition and exercise, Massage, Yoga, Tai Chi.
Spiritual growth: Meditation and Prayer, Affirmations, Retreats.

When the mind, body and spirit work together, the result is a balance of thought, awareness and well-being that is unmatched. It is in this state that miracles happen.

What we think, we become - Buddha

"The key to emotional enlightenment is the knowledge that only your thoughts can affect your moods" - David D. Burns, M.D., Feeling Good